Sunday 27 December 2009

Ein Hod Artists’ Village. An Artists Life for them.

The War of Independence left many areas of Israel abandoned and in ruins. One such was the beautiful hillside, Ein Hod, just inland from Atlit, south of Haifa, although the area had assumed far greater significance in the thirteenth century, when the great Sultan Baybars defeated the advancing Mongol armies there.

In the nineteen fifties, a group of artists decided that here they could work, build studios and workshops and live in a creative and educational environment for their art.     
They were led by the Dadaist Marcel Janco, whose museum now forms a centrepiece of the village. Their community government system has been preserved until today and you can really understand the effects of it as you wander round the village.
Whilst summer is certainly the busiest time for the village, with live music, open air shows and other activities, there are always galleries and studios to visit throughout the year - but many seemed to be closed mid week when I visited. The old crusader and Turkish building forms have been retained in the homes, studios and the other buildings in the village.  If you are interested in fine art, print, ceramics, stained glass, sculpture or bronze castings, or even just the spectacular views from the village towards the sea, then a trip to Ein Hod is a ‘must do’ for you.

Ein Hod can be reached from Route 4 north of Zichron Yaakov and south of Bet Oren.  Driving on Route 2 will require you to turn off at the Atlit/Bet Oren junction and follow the signs onto Route 7111.
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