Sunday 8 May 2022

A must see new museum in Tel Aviv - ANU


There will be many of us who fondly recall Bet Hatfutzot, the Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv, which closed some time ago for refurbishment. Well, in its new guise, it is a completely re-envisioned space, as The Museum of the Jewish People. Yes, the models of old synagogues are still there for you to say "yes, I've been there: tick", but it is far, far more than that. 

State of the art displays, graphics and areas take you through the entire Jewish world and its many communities. From Foundations through our Journey to a Mosaic of modern jewish Identity and Culture, this is an inspirational location. you cannot rush it, though. Reserve at least half a day and be transported.

ANU is on the campus of Tel Aviv University

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