Thursday 12 November 2009

Kiddy fun and fruit - Shvil Hatapuzim

Once upon a time there was an orange grove, but things being how they are in the orange growing world, the owners decided that it would be far better to adapt it to become a DIY children’s amusement park and activity centre.  Shvil Hatapuzim (the orange path) is situated within the orange grove (the owners even claim that ‘no orange tree was harmed in the development of the amusement park’).
Shvil Hatapuzim is a totally child-friendly miniature amusement park. There are paddling pools, water chutes, a miniature golf course and kiddie electric go-karts running on a narrow path. There is even a small boating river where you can safely let your children paddle the boat because of the depth of water and width of the ‘river’.  For the slightly more adventurous, there is a ‘water jet’ combat zone (that’s the best way I can describe it), rides of all sorts and, sensibly for hot days, a large picnic area covered with a fine netting which dowses you in a fine mist every few minutes!

The snack bar sells all the food you would imagine and does a great trade in ice creams and lollies and the sort of stuff that should only be allowed as an occasional treat. Although the non Israeli “health and safety police’ might raise an eyebrow or two, everyone seemed to be perfectly happy just the way it is. Also note that all the signs are in Hebrew, as is their website.

The real challenge is to actually find it! On Route 65, east of Hadera and past the junction with Route 4, keep driving until, in a few kilometres, you see a petrol filling station on your right. Just before the entrance, there is a hand painted sign leading onto a dirt track. The sign, in Hebrew (and quite amateur design, too), is virtually at the turn off, so try not to overshoot it. Follow the track (don’t panic!) and you will eventually drive under Route 65 and find yourself in a large parking area, by the main Tel Aviv/ Haifa railway line. Getting there is only the start of the adventure!

For a Google map of this location, click here.

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