Thursday 12 November 2009

Orchids, butterflies, animals, mazes and a garden centre - of course it’s Utopia!

Whilst the name is, perhaps, 'the triumph of hope over experience', Utopia park, cobering over ten acres of Kibbutz Bahan, in the centre of the Hepher valley region, is one of the newest and most talked about attractions in Israel. It features an indoor 'botanical / ecological' park, which focuses on orchid cultivation, with about 20,00o plants in bloom, in tens of different species and cultivars, some of which are quite rare. With aerial walkways, waterfalls, tropical plants (some of which are carnivorous), the kibbutz has really tried to create the natural environment and atmosphere of the tropical rainforest.

Beyond the 'rain forest' is the butterfly house and garden, which is a delight for children and adults alike. Hundreds of butterflies flourish in a specially created area, complete with plants grown to enable the best conditions for butterflies to flourish and reproduce.

Not content with orchids and butterflies? Inside the park there is a 'pets' corner' with a variety of domestic and wild animals and birds. Just remember though, that their natural food is not the pretzel! In addition, the park has not one, but two mazes, one traditional and one a two level, ficus maze spreading over 2,000 square metres. With its wide variety of activities, both indoor and outdoor and its convenient location, Utopia Park is a really unusual day out.

You can find it on Kibbutz Bahan, on Route 5714, off Route 57, just inland from Natanya.

To view a Google map of this site, click here.

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