Saturday 21 November 2009

Warm pools, kids fun and grown ups activities - Gan Haslosha / Sachne

Many of you will know that  the Galilee region is still the site of geothermal activity and nowhere more so than in the Amal River, which flows through the Gan Hashlosha National Park. With water at a constant 28 degrees Celsius (82 F) all year round it is a delight to swim in it.  A special delight is to sit under the waterfall - just don't bring your shampoo!
The park houses a host of attractions which make it even more worth a visit. 

A reconstructed water mill  is certainly worth a visit, as is  the 'mandafe' or arched room where local Arabs would traditionally welcome visitors and entertain guests.  In the park there is now an exact replica of Tel Amal, the 'tower and stockade' settlement which was put up in just one night - on 10 December 1936.  You be able to see the pioneers living quarters, with its period furniture as well as other buildings of the period, such as the dining hall and kitchen.  Children can use the 'hands on' activities and modern historians amongst you can view a video presentation on the anti Jewish riots during the time of the Mandate.  The Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archaeology, with rare finds from the Greek  period, as well as a collection of old agricultural implements, are all housed in one delightful setting in the Lower Galilee.

Gan Hashlosha, also known as Sachne, is certainly worth an extended visit and can be found by driving on Route 669, west of bet Shean.  It is located just east of the junction with Route 6666.

To view a Google map of this site, click here.

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